The MagSafe is a wireless charger with secure and convenient connection that eliminates the need for iPhone users to carry a charger with them at all times. Instead of charging your iPhone by plugging in your adapter to a socket, it can be simply snapped onto a charging port, stimulating hype amongst Apple fans since its first launch. However, for those who do not have the MagSafe yet and may be debating whether it is worth it or not, and what kinds there are to choose from, this article has all the answers for you.

What is MagSafe and how does it work?

When it comes to MagSafe, many may recognise it as a wireless charger for the iPhone. In fact, the MagSafe is actually a name for Apple’s wireless charging technology which was first used with MacBook charging cables, where the charging port has a magnet that instantly snaps onto the charging cable. This has allowed Apple to adapt this technology to be used on other devices as well, where at present, the MagSafe is the fastest wireless charging technology available out there.

How many types of MagSafe are there?

Currently, Apple has developed several varieties of the MagSafe so that users can conveniently use it in many situations. Anyone eyeing the MagSafe can choose which type is most suitable.

  1. MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe Charger is a wireless charger designed specifically for Apple devices that incorporates Qi Wireless Charge in the charging dock, allowing for immediate wireless charging of 15 watts whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or AirPod case. The power supply may be slightly less than charging via a plug socket (20 watts), but it is more convenient, portable and suitable for those that are constantly on the move, particularly in places without a plug socket.

  1. MagSafe Car Vent Mount

A wireless charger designed specifically for in-car use, and can conveniently work multi-functionally as a phone holder while driving as well. Most are designed to be attached to the air vent, can be used immediately, and also has a USB-C cable to allow connection to the car audio system in the case where the vehicle does not have wireless connectivity. The MagSafe has a maximum charging power of 15-40 watts, and is suitable for those that regularly spend time in their car.

  1. MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a power bank charger or backup battery that is transformed to be smaller and more portable. It is designed to perfectly be the same size as the iPhone, allowing convenient and immediate use just by snapping it on a device. With a design focused on portability, the battery’s capacity only amounts to 1460 mAh, with a maximum charging power of 15 watts; suitable for all iPhone users looking for an easy-to-carry item without too much focus on battery capacity.

  1. MagSafe Wallet

It is not far off to say that the MagSafe Wallet is the twin counterpart of the MagSafe Battery Pack. The two varieties are similar in size and appearance, but the MagSafe Wallet is unable to charge your phone’s battery. In fact, it is designed to support more versatile use with a card holder for your credit cards, BTS card or others – suitable for those that regularly use cards but do not want to carry many wallets.

Ever since Apple has developed the MagSafe, it has continued to further develop many varieties for better convenience. In the future, it is likely that there will be even more varieties of MagSafe for us to choose from. For those that are interested, the MagSafe is available for purchase at qualified distributors such as Studio7.