Recommendations for proper operation or replacement of equipment and necessary repairs to equipment or structure. Find out what homeowners need to know about how much it costs, how often to do it and more. Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 19,301 HomeAdvisor members. Duct tape all along the top edge of the sheet, securing it to the top of the fireplace opening. Don’t skimp on the tape – rigorous taping will keep the soot and debris inside the fireplace and away from your room. Most importantly, keep proof of your inspection in a safe place once it is complete. When you search online for “chimney repair near me” search engines will return a plethora of results.

The Equipment Needed to Sweep a Chimney Yourself

Accessibility – Working on a hard-to-access chimney or extra-steep roofs takes longer, which raises labor costs. Whether from above or below, look for damage to the flue and for build-up of a black, flaky substance.

It’s best to hire a professional if the above cleaning instructions, especially climbing onto the roof, feel too challenging and unsafe. Sticky tar-like substance – if you see this form of creosote, it is much more cause for concern. It can be difficult to remove and may require chemical cleaning. Any more than this depends on how often you use your stove or fire. If you use your stove heavily throughout winter, your chimney sweep might recommend further visits, particularly if your chimney is very dirty. CSIA recommends that, as a general rule, a chimney should have a rain cap to keep out animals and water as these are the primary reasons chimneys fail. In some cases, it’s necessary to sweep more than once a year, especially if the operator, the fuel or the venting system are not properly matched.

Read more about Chimney Sweep Littleton here. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know to find the best chimney repair professionals near you. A prefabricated or decorative chimney costs $90 to $175 for a professional cleaning.

If your fireplace usage is minimal to average, the National Fire Protection Association recommends having the chimney swept annually. If you use your fireplace often or burn treated or green wood, it’s advised to have the chimney cleaned more frequently to avoid creosote buildup. When a chimney is covered in layers of creosote or soot, it may not even be possible to do a thorough inspection. It can prevent homeowners from having to spend money on costly repairs by addressing minor masonry issues before they become major. That, too, can save money if the inspector doesn’t have to spend additional time cleaning the chimney to properly and thoroughly inspect it.

If the stove is being operated ideally, you will find gray ash as the predominant residue. However, if there’s a shiny buildup on the inside of the door, it’s an indication that the fire is being burned much too low. A great chimney sweep professional should put you at ease after completing a cleaning or necessary repairs.

Repairing or Replacing a Chimney Cap

Sometimes the inspection cost is extra, particularly if the chimney has suffered structural damage or if a new component is being retrofitted. Some companies charge by the hour, while others offer a flat rate and may even have package deals that include inspection and sweeping. A chimney sweep will, at minimum, inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney.

Scrub as You Remove the Brush

Softwoods burn hot and quickly and leave little to no embers behind. Hardwoods create embers, which provide an extended period of heat but emit a considerable amount of smoke. • Ensure that you have the appropriate amendments on your chimney, such as a chimney cap, to help keep debris out.

Using your arm, hold the brush upright and connect the leading rod. Cut the brush down to a size a little bigger than that of the flue. Avoid choosing the lowest bid since it may result in a low-quality inspection.

That’s because turning up the heat when there’s an accumulation of creosote in the chimney could cause a fire. While cozy evenings in front of the fireplace are certainly irresistible, take the time to make sure it is as safe as it is inviting. A 2022 report from the National Fire Protection Association states that a leading factor contributing to home property damage was the failure to clean chimneys. During the smoke test, have a friend go outside and watch the pots on the stacks. If this is the case, call in a certified chimney sweep as soon as possible. Chimney condition – If a chimney sweep finds damage while cleaning, then the job will take longer because they need to investigate and report the problems. Level of buildup – A chimney with heavy creosote or soot buildup from frequent fireplace usage takes longer to clean, thus increasing the cost.