Investing in real estate has always been a popular way to make money. It offers a high return on investment, especially if you choose to invest in residential property. However, this is not the only option available to those looking to get involved in the industry.

The amount of money you need to invest in real estate will depend on what type of real estate you are interested in investing in, as well as your financial goals. While some real estate investments can be very expensive, others can be much more affordable.

There are three financial tiers of real estate investing that you can consider: trusts, buy and hold properties, and REIGs. These tiers offer different levels of commitment and reward, so it is important to find the right one for your needs.


A trust is a great option for those that want to invest in real estate but don’t have the capital to do so. This option allows investors to pool their funds together in order to purchase and manage a certain number of properties. The amount that you need to put down for a trust will vary depending on the type of property you are purchasing. More info

It is also important to remember that trusts are a very illiquid form of investment, so you may not be able to access your money as quickly as you would with other options. If you do choose to use a trust, it is important to check its management company’s track record and ensure that the property will be well managed when you decide to sell it.

Buy and Hold Real Estate

Buying and holding real estate is another popular choice for those who are interested in getting into the industry. This is because it offers a good opportunity to gain experience and build your real estate portfolio.

This is particularly beneficial if you are trying to build your credit, as it allows you to take out a mortgage without putting any money down. This is also a good way to get your foot in the door and start making some cash flow from rental property.

You can also leverage your investment by combining it with other assets to increase its value, as well as the potential of earning more money from the property. This is an excellent strategy for those who want to maximize their ROI and grow their investments faster.

The amount of money you need for this kind of investment will depend on the property you are buying and how much it is worth. If you are unsure of the property’s value, it is best to consult with an experienced real estate agent.

It is important to understand that buying and selling property can be extremely risky. You may lose money or even be forced to liquidate your investment entirely if the market declines drastically.

You can increase your chances of success by calculating your ROI before you buy a property. This will allow you to compare the payoff from the property to other investments of similar size and type. It will also give you a better understanding of how your expenses will affect the property’s net operating income (NOI).